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Analyst Contracts and Contractor Rates

A systems analyst researches problems, plans solutions, recommends software and systems, and coordinates development to meet business or other requirements. They will be familiar with multiple variety of programming languages, operating systems, and computer hardware platforms. Because they often write user requests into technical specifications, the systems analysts are the liaisons between vendors and information technology professionals. They may be responsible for developing cost analysis, design considerations, and implementation time-lines.

Analyst Contract Rates

LocationAverage Daily Rate
City of London£450
South East£330

The last update from occurred on: 12th February 2012

A systems analyst may:

  • Plan a system flow from the ground up.
  • Interact with customers to learn and document requirements that are then used to produce business requirements documents.
  • Write technical requirements from a critical phase.
  • Interact with designers to understand software limitations.
  • Help programmers during system development, ex: provide use cases, flowcharts or even Database design.
  • Perform system testing.
  • Deploy the completed system.
  • Document requirements or contribute to user manuals.
  • Whenever a development process is conducted, the system analyst is responsible for designing components and providing that information to the developers

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