Contractor Interviews

Guides to Contract Interviews

Six steps for when video calling software stands between you and the hirer.

The inside track on curveball, competency and conversational questions.

Knock-knock jokes, singing and handcuffs – job candidates know no bounds at interview.

15 reminders of what IT contractors should be doing at interview.

Five fundamentals for when it all hinges on your voice.

Honing your interview persona: Fourteen roles IT contractors must turn down for interview success.

One way to leave a positive impression is to follow up with a 'thank you'.

Dos and Don'ts of interviews.

The perfect contract's come up and you've got an interview. But hang on, when was the last time you actually went for an interview? Jenrick CPI brings you a comprehensive candidate check-list.

Interviews - A Contractor's View

Tackling the nitty gritty of the interview.

Making the most of last stage of the interview.

One of the hazards of going for contracting interviews is that you often meet clients who have no idea what they are doing.

Supposing you have made a good first impression and have not yet lost the contract, how do you proceed?

Long before you park the car in the visitors' section of some giant corporation and linger tentatively in the glass-boxed reception before being escorted to the lifts and the interview room, your preparation should have started.

The decisions we make about liking or disliking somebody are made phenomenally quickly.

Improving Interview Success

How can you make the most of each interview opportunity? The IT Coach looks at strategies for improving interview success.

The IT Coach offers advice on how to gain the edge over other candidates.