Goldman Sachs tells techies to unbutton

Contractors crossing the floor at the IT department of Goldman Sachs to join full-time staff might find the transition more palatable thanks to a change of dress code.

Rather than the formal business attire that typifies the Square Mile, but is largely unworn on contractor placements, the bank has given 8,000 techies a “year-round casual dress” option.

Reportedly drawn up by Goldman’s new chief information officer Elisha Wiesel, the option calls for affected workers -- mainly in digital and innovation roles -- to exercise “judgement”.

For example, “business attire” is still recommended “if you have a client meeting,” and an existing ban on “short trousers” for bankers remains in place, the Financial Times reported.

Quoting a memo bearing Mr Wiesel’s sign-off, the paper says the new dress code at the 148-year-old institution should “enhance the work environment and experience of our people.”

The wording is a coded reference to the City of London bank’s battle to attract and retain technology talent, able to work in nearby Shoreditch in joggers, tees and trainers.

Jul 21, 2017