Contracting Overseas

How to contract in Europe's largest nation, plus your take-home pay; estimated.

Your four-way pass to freelancing across the channel (expires 2019).

The top five hotspots luring more UK contractors to their shores.

Changes afoot for Klienten und Werber, although it's 'business as usual' for contractors.

Pre-flight probes to make if you’ll use your PSC, a brolly or your agent’s brolly.

Where in the world is warming up for contractors wanting a break from the norm.

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Great transport links & plentiful contract work currently make the land of opportunity a popular choice for IT contractors. This article covers visas, tax allowances and deductions.

What you can expect to pay for accommodation and the transport links in Australia's cities.

Blessed with an abundant natural resource, Brazil has become the most powerful country in South America in economic terms and thus is leading the other countries of South America.

Brazil has recently become a top destination for contract and fixed work.  The country’s economy has seen growth in the past few years and offers some of the world’s highest salaries.

Denmark’s services industry has surged over the last 50 years, making a relatively affordable country definitely appealing to UK contractors.

Brussels's status as the 'capital' of the EU means that there is a wealth of contract and project-based work available.

Belgium's close contact with the European community and fast transport links to the UK make it a popular destination despite relatively high tax and social security rates.

France has historically been very open to foreign contractors, and its large technology centres near Paris and in Sophia Antipolis provide numerous contract opportunities.

France has historically been very open to foreign contractors, and its large technology centres near Paris and in Sophia Antipolis provide numerous contract opportunities.

Europe's largest country, unsurprisingly, has a range of different attractions for the international contractor.

The IT industry is extremely active, offering many contract opportunities, while other sectors are also very present.

Within 6 weeks of your arrival in Ireland, it will be necessary to apply, with the relevant documentation, for a Personal Public Service (PPS) number at the local Social Welfare Office.

Although not traditionally regarded as a contractor destination, the implantation of technology giants such as Apple, Amazon and Microsoft in Ireland has opened up the market.

Italy is not a regular destination for contractors due to its relatively closed market on temporary labour. However there are still a number of companies within the IT, Telecoms and Oil and Gas industries that hire international contractors.

Italy is a great destination for European contractors due to its good travel links to the UK, its Mediterranean climate and the wealth of travel and tourism opportunities that it offers.

Upon arrival in Luxembourg, you must register at your local Administration Communale, taking all relevant documents with you.

Although often overlooked by contractors, Luxembourg's physical proximity and close ties with Belgium and the EU, as well as its prominent banking sector, make it a prime destination for contractors.

Norway as a contract destination is a challenge if not correctly set up from the outset. Correct registration and reporting are essential but if the rules are followed things move very smoothly.

Norway is a very popular country for European contractors, especially in the Oil and Gas Industry.

Spain is a very popular country for European contractors, especially in the Oil & Gas, IT and Comms as well as banking sectors.

Spain is a very popular destination for European contractors in both the IT and other sectors due to its relative proximity to the UK, its Mediterranean climate and the wealth of travel and tourism opportunities that it offers.

Although not immediately quoted as a contract destination, the wide variety of sectors using contract services in Sweden makes it an increasingly popular option.

Sweden is the third largest western country in Europe, half of which is covered by lakes and forests. About 85% of the population lives in the south, with just under 2 million in Stockholm alone.

Switzerland has historically been very open to foreign contractors due to its peaceful, prosperous and stable modern market economy.

Switzerland, due to its geographical situation in the centre of Europe, high salaries, safety and quality of life make it a popular destination for the international contractor.

While the official languages of the Netherlands are Dutch and the lesser-known Frisian, English is very widely spoken.

The Netherlands is currently one of the most popular and advantageous countries for European contractors in both the IT and other sectors. With generous allowances for skilled workers, it is a financially viable destination, while its proximity to the UK makes it easy to return home.

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