Successful Contracting

'Don't be afraid' and other recommendations to help get your client to pay on time.

Step-by-step guide for contractors on managing business disputes effectively.

Spot the mis-match, and other tips for taking on a new supplier or client.

Top 10 considerations for one-person companies who take on the self-employed.

Tips on how to avoid burning your fingers, this Shrove Tuesday and beyond.

In an ideal world, a contractor’s skills would be the only thing they were judged on. The harsh reality is that how you look is just as important as your CV.

'Ideal Contractor' checklist: You're not just about technical skills.

Trudging in to same imagination-stunting corporation day in day out for years on end not float your boat? Then contracting could be for you.

More pay? In theory, yes, but all things considered, the difference in take home pay may not be so marked, but there are lots of other benefits - including side-stepping office politics.

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Business Updates

Expert helps a contractor fearing an imminent digital tax account update.

A guide on promoting oneself as a self-respecting consultant, averse to US-inspired tripe.

What the Taylor Review proposes; why and how industry is responding.

Too many variables to solve a software worker's query, but his current model is tested.

Your definitive guide to yesterday's big reveals on tech, VAT, the ESS and IR35.

Overview of the overlooked stealth tax, facing brolly contractors from April 6th.

Who enforces the cap; where it’s set and what it means for your daily rate.

Next year's tax clampdown has already got one public PSC weighing up his options.

Ex-Revenue officer advises an IT contractor whose client has got the fear.

The lowdown on why agencies want you to opt out, and how to get them to stop.

Reassurance for a contractor fearing 'part and parcel' due to receiving employee perks.

Lawyer spells out the only contractor arrangement that immigration rules permit.

Top tips on whether you pass, fail or have to bother checking for SDC at all.

Debt transfer is a problem twice over for one would-be sole trader.

Ex-taxman disappoints a contractor hoping 11 years is too far back for HMRC to go.

Lawyering up looks best for a web app developer caught in a three company tie-up.

The legal but least taxing way to take on other contractors for a big project.

Former taxman disappoints a contractor believing trusts to be coming into their own.

A six-month stint isn’t allowed for an aspiring IT specialist on a General Visa. 

Tax clarity for a contractor confused about his 'limited' options.

Contractor told he's in touch with a scheme based in 'barge pole' territory.

Building your contracting identity is easier with these tried and tested techniques.

Two steps to consider taking ahead of the proposed changes to status and expenses.

Practical steps to take to help ensure your contracting future is free from SDC.

Legal tips for an unpaid 'Plan B' contractor fobbed off with excuses.

Bullet point briefing on whether you can claim tax relief on expenses from April.

A few facts should help one contractor guard against too many more sleepless nights.

The ins, outs and even the ethics of claiming benefits while you're on the bench.

Legal aid for an IT freelancer whose contract is silent about time off.  

Pens or plaques are perfect presents for customers of Plan B.

Five quick-wins to make on the networking giant, even if you think social media sucks.

The last piece of paper in the chain tends to have the final say about payment day.

Web designer reassured that owning a domain isn’t the same as owning a trade mark.

Final word before today's deadline on whether agencies' must report contractor pay details.

Official guidance seems to solve a query about one-man bands going direct.

Expert helps a new contractor who feels his private residence is no one else's business.

Top accounting tips for an IT contractor due to earn brownie points for honesty.

A permie turned contractor could be taken to court by agency or client, or both.

Expert spells out the reality of being taxed like an employee minus their rights.

Techie gets top tips on going into and out of business with a fellow contractor.

Working with clients

'Going 'Ltd' doesn't look worth it, assuming it really is just a once in a lifetime opportunity.'

Three acceptable ways forward for a Plan B contractor whose first work 'wasn’t acceptable.'

A deposit is the wisest way to head off the prospect of a double-loss.

'Difficult' choice for a long-serving agency temp, faced with the bench or a tribunal.

Making an ally of another IT contractor is one of three solutions for a stuck techie.

Expecting compensation for a solution is a little rich when you caused the problem.

No steps to terminate smacks of an IT contractor suffering a slip-up, not a stalling.

When to know if that little something extra is too much.

Client fears over status seem to lurk at the bottom of an odd invoicing request.

Debt recovery expert reminds that being sympathetic doesn't mean rolling over.

Exploit 'The Recency Effect' to get paid within five days, not 21.

It's the client who's being rude by not paying, not you who's being rude by asking.

Expert helps a software contractor being leant on to itemise his invoices with 'R&D.'

Ten considerations if it's up to you to look before your client leaps into cloud services.

Why the wartime adage doesn’t ring true for contractors accused of falling short.

App developers and other contractors must only include what’s technically feasible.

Legal expert drills down into what a contract developer's SDA should cover and why.

Contractors and app developers can reduce risk with the right paperwork in place.

‘It should be contracting, not consulting, if the project runs over three months.’

Without careful attention, managing an offshore team can turn a cost-saving exercise into an expensive nightmare. Here are some top tips to avoid falling into common traps.

Businesses do not have a good opinion of IT professionals says a recent survey, so how do you work to impress?

"Two peoples divided by a common language." George Bernard Shaw said this about the British and the Americans, but the same can be said of anoraks and suits. Emails, reports, proposals... Get it right and your clients will love you.

Being a quality contractor is all about meeting your client's expectations.

Maximising all available revenue streams is a priority for contractors, but is it time for a fresh look at areas traditionally avoided as contrary to the principles of contracting?

As more and more clients demand flexible solutions that they can operate, maintain and even customise without outside support, is the contractor being forced to narrow their own market by selling their knowledge?

Contractors lag behind the rest of the country when it comes to home working, but half would take a pay cut to do so.

The Contracting Lifestyle

Considering the better money and flexible lifestyle it's a surprise more permies aren't turning to contracting. But there's a good reason why they stay where they are.

Making the most of opportunity requires guts, risk and hard work. Do you have what it takes?

Adopting flexible working and keeping in control of finances smoothes contractors' relationships.

Forget the pension, there's a whole world waiting to be explored, say IT contractors.