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Davinia Douglass is a Senior Tax Consultant in Markel Tax’s Investigation team, formerly Gabelle, with over 15 years of experience advising clients with complex tax affairs. 

Davinia started her tax career with Chiltern Plc, later acquired by BDO LLP, as a Corporate Tax Trainee before moving to the Entrepreneurial Team. Davinia advises clients ranging from small, medium and large corporates, owner-managed businesses, high-net-worth individuals, offshore trusts and non-UK domiciliaries to resolve historical onshore and offshore matters.

Davinia leads clients through the complex handling of ‘Code of Practice 9’ disclosures, in cases of suspected fraud, ‘Code of Practice 8’ investigations, corporate and personal residence cases, Schedule 36 Notices and local compliance checks and also advises on the settlement options in disguised remuneration cases involving Employee Benefit Trusts and Contractor Loans, where necessary utilising HMRC disclosure facilities.

Davinia is a non–practicing barrister and has been a member of the Chartered Institute of Taxation since 2007.

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