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Qualifying in 1995 with Price Waterhouse Helen has over 20 years experience of advising small businesses and their owners. Since 2007 she has exclusively worked in the Contractor Market, originally as a regional director for SJD Accountancy and for the last 8 years as Operations Director at Orange Genie Accountancy

She is passionate about providing slick and efficient processes to clients alongside delivering a personal service of the highest quality. It is important to her that they not only advise their clients but they act as a voice for them, staying abreast of the changing rules and regulations and lobbying Government where they can to support the contingent workforce.

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Explainer for limited company shareholders on foregoing their right to part of the next dividend.

30th September, 2021 | Limited Companies

The age-old perk of putting a vehicle on your company is more fiction than fact.

24th September, 2021 | Limited Companies

To unlock start-up reimbursements, remember the key cuts-offs: four years, seven years, six months.

14th September, 2021 | Expenses

The key steps to take to demonstrate you’re not a disguised employee.

13th May, 2021 | Private Sector IR35 Reform

A steep learning curve with turbulence, challenge and worry has defined the last four weeks.

An overview of the tax most misunderstood by umbrella and limited company contractors.

27th April, 2021 | Successful Contracting

Being inside IR35 from April will be a whole lot more taxing with the five per cent deduction disallowed by HMRC.

A permanent job will be on the Christmas list of many a contractor, this year much more than most.

18th December, 2020 | Successful Contracting

Getting back to work is the goal of most (even the government’s). This scheme looks like a punt that misses.

Flow chart on the furlough scheme, for both umbrella and limited company contractors hoping for 80% coverage.

21st April, 2020 | Coronavirus

Ten good reasons why you can’t afford to ditch your limited company as soon as a client deems you IR35-caught.

4th April, 2020 | Private Sector IR35 Reform

It’s too long a way back for many engagers so, perversely, it’s the unprepared who are now unburdened.

Inside-outside status looks likely for a PSC trying to avoid a controlling manager.

10th March, 2020 | Private Sector IR35 Reform

How limited company contractors can navigate the minefield of IR35 reform.

19th February, 2020 | Private Sector IR35 Reform

An adviser fields the Nov. 6th queries of a put-out PSC trying to dodge curve balls.

22nd October, 2019 | IR35

Agree or disagree with IR35 changing in April? There’s only a week left to speak up.

How paperwork and practices can help you keep IR35 at bay.

2nd March, 2019 | Public Sector Contracting

The April 2020 compliance requirements for a PSC duo, one of which has another job.

28th February, 2019 | IR35

With loan charge, Brexit and IR35 uncertainty, is the devil in the detail all we can rely on?

Three months into the revised IR35 regime for the public sector and there seem to be more contractors caught by the Intermediaries legislation than ever before.

25th February, 2019 | Public Sector Contracting