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Laura is the Digital Marketing Manager for ContractorUK. She has worked at ContractorUK for 6 years and is qualified with a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing via The IDM.

She is responsible for co-ordinating newsletters, updating social media, extensive optimisation on Google for thousands of contract search terms, affiliate partner management and much more.

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We look forward to keeping you up-to-date with all the latest contractor news throughout 2017.

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A from the shadows account about what really goes on inside agents’ minds.

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Shuddering at the thought of ‘quarterly accounting’ is fine; not prepping for it isn’t.

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Simple guide to everything you need to know about obtaining a mortgage as a contractor.

4th November, 2016 | Money

Join the league now for your chance to win!

‘Separately costing and scheduling extra work isn’t akin to doing whatever crops up.’

3rd August, 2016 | IR35

Superimposing the IR35 plan for the public sector on the private sector won’t be easy.

Three advisers are far from alone in feeling the fallout from offshore schemes failing. 

Legal support (but no leg to stand on) for a contractor feeling conned out of £1,200.

16th June, 2016 | Umbrella Companies

Six steps for when video calling software stands between you and the hirer.

16th June, 2016 | Guide To Interviews