Contracting time-off, what's the procedure?

Question First-time contractors often wonder, what the procedure is for taking a day-off or leaving early? Should we tell the line manager, or simply go home and fill in the timesheet?

Answer, provided by Hudson

In the majority of cases the procedure would be the same as for a company employee. The standard contractual expectation is for a contractor to turn up for work as agreed at the contract outset, just as there is an expectation for the client to offer this work for the duration of the contract.

Very few clients will be so rigid that they will not allow a contractor to take time-off but this does need to be agreed in advance. You simply need to ask your line manager for a day-off or if you can leave early.

There may be other people within the company that are reliant upon you being available. You should not simply go home without your manager's consent.

Remember that when contracting you will at some point be looking for a renewal or a new contract, if you do not show due consideration for your client then you are putting your future opportunities at risk.

In some cases there may be the facility for remote working or your contract might be based around a set of deliverables rather than a number of days. Even in such cases it is advisable to show consideration for your client and seek approval if your are planning to change the expected work pattern.

Bryan Corke, associate director of IT recruitment at, Hudson

Tuesday 11th Sep 2007