Start permanent position while keeping employment with umbrella Start permanent position while keeping employment with umbrella
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    Default Start permanent position while keeping employment with umbrella

    Hi all,

    After a long stint of going contract-to-contract through my trusty umbrella, I'm soon starting a permanent position.

    Now a friend of a friend has gotten in contact with need of my services for a short period. I'd like to help them out (the work is manageable and lucrative, plus I'd be helping them out), but I'm unsure as to how this would work in terms of employment law, etc.

    Any advice? "Don't do it" is perfectly valid as long as it's backed up by an explanation

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    What does the terms and conditions of your permanent job say about doing work for others...
    merely at clientco for the entertainment

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    Default Can't see any immediate problems but a little watchout on travel expenses

    "If it is likely that the employee will be laid off at the conclusion of work at that workplace then it will be a permanent workplace." (See EIM32133)

    If my assumption is correct - that your contract work is for a fixed period at a single site - then your contract workplace should be considered a permanent workplace and you shouldn't claim for the cost of travelling form home to work.

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    There is no reason why you can't have 2 employments; the only thing you will need to take into consideration is that your tax free allowance can only be applied to one. This means that your contract work, as the part time employment, would be taxed at BR or D0 i.e. at 20% or 40% of your whole earnings as your tax free allowance will have been used against your permie salary

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