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    Yes, a Ratesetter account can be opened in a company name (I have done this).
    No, a Consumer Credit Licence is not required.

    The rate offered varies markedly throughout the day, I find early afternoon to be the time when the rate available is highest, however it is probably worth telling it you want to invest at a rate of 3.7% (or maybe 3.8%) and you should get a match up within 24 hours.

    You will pay corporation tax on the returns, and then income tax/dividend tax when you draw it from the company to yourself. This may not be the most efficient for you. Subject to status quo. Home is at risk if you leave all windows and doors open and then go on holiday.

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    You could look into P2P lending as an investment (like Zopa but investing through your company). I think ThinCats was one I looked at.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chopper View Post
    No, a Consumer Credit Licence is not required.
    Is it a new thing specific to Peer to peer which has removed the requirement ? Previously any lending to business didn't need a licence but any lending to consumers did. Presumably the FSA take the view, now, that the fact the P2P middleman is licensed is good enough.

    Also how does it work with the Flat Rate VAT scheme. ? I would hope that HMRC don't want to include it as part of turnover, but, unlike bank interest it is not specifically excluded (is it near enough to bank interest to count as the same?).

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