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    AML have just given me a £300 bill for my self assessment form. They claim it's a partners administration fee. I've not been able to find any reference to this in any of the literature they sent me when I signed up with them or the self assessment emails the sent mid last year. Has anyone heard of this before? I'm very annoyed considering the had already taken 18% off my invoices for the last tax year.

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    We don't normally hear about AML unless it's in the HMRC Scheme Enquiries thread.

    Not many admit to using AML around here, but you might get some response.
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    Thanks cojak. I naively used them for a short period, back when I first started freelancing. After reading this forum and the worrying hmrc issues I decided to go Ltd.

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    18% commission? Jeez, I'd rather pay 20% to the revenue and sleep at night.

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