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    Can I claim the VAT element on B&B charges when living away from home.

    Does the B&B owner have to be VAT registered, as 1 B&B I stayed at was just a private house providing a B&B.

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    NAA but the owner must be registered. If you are not charged any VAT you cannot reclaim it. Provided you have received a valid VAT receipt you can reclaim for B&B/hotel bills if necessary business expenses.

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    Actually, it's quite common for B&Bs not to be VAT registered. In order to avoid other onerous regulations they like to be 5 rooms or less.

    so: 5, times 30 quid per night, times 250 nights per year, which seem a pretty reasonable occupancy rate only comes to 37K, so no need to register for VAT.


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    Default Re; B&B's

    I always stay in a hotel, rather than a B&B (even if it's really a b&b or pub that calls itself a hotel). After endless arguments with tax and VAT years ago about every single receipt from a 'Holiday' B&B (their term not mine) I decided to always use 'Hotels' as not one receipt from such was queried - even though they were often near as dammit the same.

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