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    Default Address for Ltd and personal mail

    There's been a few threads, but so far, I still haven't found and ideal service.
    What I need I is a central London address, where I can send my and my Ltd postal mail to and either collect or have it forwarded, or ideally opened and scanned (upon request).
    All of ideally under £30pcm as I only get a few letters per year.
    Is that too much to ask for?

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    Not wanting to hijack the OP's thread, but I use a service and have everything except my companies bank registered with them, but the more I think about it the more I question if anyone else would question why the bank is not registered at the same address as everything else.

    It occasionally caused problems with online purchsaes where the card is registered at a different address, but then I also think if I was to move my bank to use the same address as everything else it adds risks around new cards and PIN's being sent out etc.
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