is there any iphone app for contractor to manage invoices and expenses is there any iphone app for contractor to manage invoices and expenses - Page 2
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    Freeagent fan here too, capture expenses as I incur them using the phone app. Easily integrates to the business bank account yadda yadda.

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    Quote Originally Posted by m786 View Post
    Hi All,
    I am IT contractor and I am sick of managing the my own limited company. Have to spend hours and hours to prepare invoices and submit to client and prepare VAT and expenses. Was thinking if there is a way I can manage these all from my iphone.

    Something can allow me to create invoices (repetitive task), email it to my client and accountant and mage my expenses for accounting purpose.

    Currently looking some app in app store but they are expensive.

    Thanks for your help.
    Another Freeagent advocate, the system emails it to the client and if you have an accountant that provides it as part of the service then they'll also have access to the data. As other have said, the app gives you the opportunity to manage the expenses and upload photograph the receipts.

    Other software also available, etc, etc, etc.

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