Hi all,

I live in the UK, and I've been offered a contract for a company in Canada and I will be paid by wire transfer. I'm currently waiting for a formal written contract before I agree to anything, but I'm trying to do as much research as possible in regards to tax.

I won't have a set amount of hours I need to work, although I'll be contracted to work on a Saturday and Sunday. Therefore I'm not sure if HMRC would consider me as an employee or a self employed contractor.

The Canadian company does not operate PAYE, so I would have to do this myself under the DPNI scheme. I'd be earning around $120 to $180 a week (about £100-£145) without tax, so I probably wouldn't even be paying income tax.

Assuming I'm considered as an employee by HMRC, how would I use the DPNI scheme without payslips, as I would be invoicing the company as a contractor anyway? Would I even need to do this (as in, submit the DPNI documents), as I'm under 21 (category M) and so I won't be earning enough to pay NI according to this.

On the other hand, if I'm considered a contactor, then I wouldn't need to use the DPNI scheme, instead just paying class 2 NIC, class 4 NIC, and Income tax (if I was over the threshold), from what I've researched.

If you need any more information, then please just ask, but I'll update the thread as soon as I get the written contract.