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    Ive just had my manager over from the States last week and the end result was that my contract which would have ended in August will be extended through until the end of the year at the very least.

    Now...wanting to maximise the £500 a day that is being charged for my position I want to cut the agents out of the loop when it comes to resigning my contract.

    Can I use this new law that was passed in April to out the f*ckers who are shafting me out of the full daily rate OR will I have to resign with the agents again?

    Secondly...I would be prepared to give them £50 a day AT THE VERY MOST so if I said...I want £450 a day and they say no...can I then trot out the line "either take £250 a week or no hundred and fifty pounds a week as Ill sign direct with the client".

    Basically...what can I do to minimise the impact the blood suckers have on my daily rate?


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    Don't, whatever you do, discuss this with the agent.
    There is probably a clause in your agency contract which prohibits you working for the client in any other capacity for x months (3, 6 or 12 usually), but that clause is virtually unenforceable.
    What you do need to worry about is there will almost certainly be a similar clause in the agency-client contract, which the agent can enforce, by threatening to sue the client.
    The agent is hardly going to voluntarily give you money which he regards as his. It doesn't work like that in sales, I'm afraid. What you need to do is wait for your contract end date, and get the client to tell the agency it isn't going to be renewed.
    Tell the agent you're fine with that, and you're off on a long holiday, or getting a contract abroad or something.
    Get a new mobile phone, and most importantly, get yourself taken off the company phone lists. The last thing you want is a suspicious agent phoning up under a false name (and I've seen it happen) asking for you. Then you (and more importantly the client) are in a world of sh1t.
    Oviously you need to use your common sense when dealing with the agent in the future (fiddle around with the dates on your CV for example) but provided you're not daft, you should be fine.

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