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    Quote Originally Posted by Ermis33 View Post
    Hi there,
    I have recently given a contract in Sweden and I'm looking for a management company to assist me with the taxing issues. I came across Tupil contractor that they suggest a high retention rate. But I'm a bit cautious about how legitimate they are....
    Do anyone have any experience to share dealing with tulip contractor?
    Thanks a lot!!
    Whats the point? Unless you plan to cut ties with UK and become non-tax resident (quite difficult to actually do believe me) you will pay the tax balance to HMRC up to what you would have paid as if taxed as perm in UK.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SueEllen View Post
    I've found

    The page for Sweden contains no information.
    You did better than me, SE. That domain raises a DNS error from where I am browsing.

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