Avoid Prosperity4 like the plague! Avoid Prosperity4 like the plague!
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    Default Avoid Prosperity4 like the plague!

    ADVICE: AVOID Prosperity4 AT ALL COSTS!!!!!! Why?? Read on....
    Well, I've just finished a 3 month contract with Prosperity4. They charged me an "admin fee" of £200 because I didn't accumulate £1500 worth of fees for them during the year!!!!! (NO other umbrella company has such a requirement)
    On top of that dubious and unheard of charge, they charge 8% of a Contractor's fees!!
    They charge the highest rate out of ALL the umbrella companies that I have seen and they give the worst service or no service whatsoever. I have been kept waiting for days and sometimes weeks after I have requested something from them.
    Upon speaking to fellow IT Contractors, they all echo my sentiments and suggest going with other Umbrella companies e.g. Trafalgar, Giant, OrangeGenie, DJColom(Accountants only).
    Now, you may be thinking: "why did this FOOL go with them in the first place?"
    We all make mistakes and this was a costly one for me though.
    I would love to hear from anyone that has been with Prosperity4 as I am going to take this matter further, maybe even take legal action over a whole host of other dodgy things they have done.

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    Default Eh?

    There seems to be a lot of bad press, even a vendetta, about this company, all of which I fear might have a knock-on effect, so I thought I'd post something that would advertise them favourably. I have worked through Prosperity4 for over a year and have had no problems whatsoever. I get paid on time every time, get very quick responses to queries both via the phone and e-mail, and have found its staff helpful and friendly. The 8% you mention is actual only 6%, which is not the highest I've come accross (I considered a few before joining up with Prosperity4). So far, everything has been smooth and trouble-free.

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    Default Re: Eh?

    We all make mistakes and this was a costly one for me though
    And you will be making another one if you have anything to do with Giant.

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    Default Re: Eh?

    I agree fully, don't touch Giant, 360 Group or Contranet(CPM Group).

    If any of the employees/management of the above companies would like to counter my statement above then feel free, I have evidence that I am all to willing to distribute to whoever wants it.

    I went with OrangeGenie(and they've dropped the ball a couple of time now also!) - why can't people do their job?

    Spod - In "Go on, make my day" mode!

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    Default All the P's

    p4 charge 8% if the rate is below a certain value and 6% if above (not sure where the rate break is). The contract from memory mandated either a £200 admin charge of £1500 minimum fee's and if you have signed the contract you have agreed to that. Great huh!

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    Default Re: All the P's

    Didn't you read the contract when you signed up with them?

    I didn't when I went with Giant, particularly the bit about giving them 2 months notice of termination. My new accountant got me off this though.

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    Default Re: All the P's

    HOW MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Quote :

    "The 8% you mention is actual only 6%, which is not the highest I've come accross (I considered a few before joining up with Prosperity4). "

    I'd love to know any others that charge more than that - 6% is outrageous. All they do is run the payroll for you and process a few expenses.

    All the others I have seen charge around the £50 a month mark.

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    Default Re: All the P's

    I'll second the anti-Prosperity4 comments. I'm with them at the moment and can't wait to be shut of them. I joined them before I found this forum and so never had any point of reference of their performance. I should of had the contract looked over by someone before signing, but hindsight's a great thing. If you show any interest they will hound you (3 times in one day at one stage) to fax back the signed pages of the contract. When I read the bad press, I tried to get out of the contract, and was laughed at by one of their management with the words.."You shouldn't sign things you don't understand..ha ha...". He then eulogised about how great they were, and to give them a chance. Can't fault the person I deal with, but the guy in accounts is incompetent. They dedcuted an amount by mistake and then messed up returning the money to me. I had to have a shouting match, and I do mean him screaming down the phone at me that I was wrong with my take on the situation, until I demanded to speak with someone else. The other guy understood eventually. (I did 2 years as a junior in an accountants). No apology from the accounts guy.

    That management fellow complained about this forum as people were posting negative opinions about P4 anonymously. My own experience has been far from positive, but, unfortunately, I'm an employee of theirs for the time being but I will be posting a full report towards the end of the year.

    Avoid. Plague.

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    Default peeee4

    And as you are tied into the contract you can't get out without them holding back your dosh!

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    Default Re: peeee4

    If Prosperity4 are so bad, how come so many of you have used them in the past or are still using them? Why are so many reputable sources like Jobserve, AccountingWeb, etc, etc still advertising their services.

    They clearly set out their terms and conditions. Surely all one has to do is read these and compare with alternatives to see if the deal is good or bad.

    It worries me that you guys are so shallow lead by hype, smalltalk and advertising, rather than the bottom line. It also worries me how little you guys understand about basic financial issues connected with contracting. Some of the budgetary questions/musings on the general forum were completely infantile and not what I would expect from intelligent professionals.

    You only have yourselves to blame for making bad decisions and ignoring good advice.

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