Accommodation expenses while contracting in Italy Accommodation expenses while contracting in Italy
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    Default Accommodation expenses while contracting in Italy

    Hi all

    A couple of years ago, I worked in Italy as a contractor for a few months. During that time, I decided to rent a flat as it worked out much cheaper than a hotel or other alternative.

    I have just been offered another 2 month contract with the same company and I would like to make sure I’m doing it right.

    Here’s what I did last time, my accountant was okay with it but he wasn’t too clued up on working abroad:

    I would pay for rent directly though my company as it was wholly for business purposes (same as this time). Is this the correct way of doing it or:
    - Should I pay for it personally and claim the expense back from the ltd as I would do with business mileage with my personal car?
    - Should it be included in the daily subsistence allowance when working abroad?

    I stayed at the flat most weekends as I wasn’t in a location which made travelling back to the UK often possible. But I also worked most Saturdays.
    - Does that mean I could claim 6/7th of the weekly cost of rent?

    I will still be paying rent on my house in the UK as my wife lives there.

    Regarding business mileage, I believe I can claim the initial and final journeys (over 1,000 miles each way). Can I also claim daily commutes from the temporary accommodation to the temporary work place?


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    I'd suggest you tell your accountant to get better clued up and then ask him.

    There is some slight differences to staying abroad but not enough for an accountant to not carry out his services for you.
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