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    OK, a sorry story here.

    A piece of work on a website was advertised, I applied and won the work. I did the work, invoiced, did some follow-up work, invoiced, and have not been paid, despite reminders and a final letter threatening debt collection. Total amount is not a huge amount, around £1,000.00

    It's all a little complex:
    I dealt with a freelancer, whom I will call F. He was working on a website W, for what appears to be a joint venture between companies C1 and C2. When I completed, F told me to invoice C2, but gave the name of an employee of C1 - call that employee EC1.

    After months of phone calls to EC1, calls not returned, and so on, I spoke to him one last time, and he said "I don't know why you are bothering me, I have nothing to do with C2". So, I wrote to C2, and C2 have replied saying that freelancer F, employee of C1 EC1 and website W are nothing to do with his company C2.

    What can I do? Who was my contract with and who can I take to court. I did not obtain a purchase order or anything like that. I have full instant messenger logs of all communications with F, plus we met once and spoke on the phone once or twice.

    F is the email admin contact on C2's website and C2 have registered the domains for the website W. So there is some info to link C2 to W and my work.

    Any help gratefully received.

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    .....What can I do?

    Chalk it up to experience.

    If you don't know who the client is, how can we possibly tell?

    Learn the lessons:

    1) Don't do any work for anyone without some description of the work in writing - signed - so that you know who the client is.

    2) Don't do follow up work until you have been paid for the original.

    3) If possible, insist on a contract which breaks the deliverables into chunks. Delivery of each chunk contingent on payment for previous chunk.

    Be prepared to walk away as soon as you aren't paid


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    it's pretty simple. Your contract was with the guy you discussed doing the work with. If you've got IM logs and proof of him asking you to do the work then take him to the small claims court.

    It'll piss you off for your measly grand - but it'll piss him off a lot more.

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