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    The retrospective aspect is there to stop cat and mouse scheme hopping (which you can see by the numbers who have been caught out by the different 11-12, 12-13, 13-14 schemes they’ve have been involved in).

    If you think you’re going to be caught in the future, you’re less likely to join a scheme today.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lance View Post
    Knowingly entering a scheme where you pay no tax, but a percentage to a firm in the Isle of Man is not ignorance.
    Stupidity isn�t much of an excuse either as most are/were reasonably well paid individuals so have a basic level of intelligence (albeit not a lot of wisdom).

    So no sympathy here. I get infractions when I state my view on that other forum.
    I agree; if you enter a scheme knowing you wont pay tax that is tax avoidance. We all have to pay tax to support our public services, you should too. you deserve what you get.
    On a note of advice HMRC usually go back 6 years, 20 years is allowed for extreme tax avoidance, but I would think in this case 6 years will be the max.

    And given the high media profile, usually about footballers, you should have seen this coming.

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