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    If I download a screensaver that is free and take images off it and put them on my software/website is there a problem?

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    probably yes.

    Just because an item is:

    a) available at no cost

    b) already in the public domain

    doesn't mean (as many people seem to think) that the originator has given away the copyright. He (she) still owns it and if you want to use it 'commercially' you have to ask permission.


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    tim is right - you need to check license. Say you can download free evaluation version of windows - it does not mean you can take bits of it and use in your app!

    you certainly cant use data (resources) from free software unless its license allows you --- one exception is that taking screenshots of that software and putting them on your site with all relevant info is fair use wise okay.

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    Default re

    What I was thinking is downloading a really dodgy crap screensaver with good photos on it and then using them. I would then be devoid of blame regarding copyright because as far as I know everything is fine and the blame, if any, would get attributed to the screensaver maker?

    It's another one of those gray areas in IT. I'm sure Sir Tony Blair can sort out some tight regulations.

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    Default Re: re

    So Tim123 gives you the advice you asked for, and you ignore it! Brilliant.

    Reynolds. I think the words you are looking for are “Thank you Tim123”.

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    Default grey area my arse

    > It's another one of those gray areas in IT.

    reynolds, this is NOT a grey area - copyright law is very precise and a lot of cases were done to make it a swift judgement against anyone who lifts other peoples stuff without permission get done.

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