Providing information to a previous company Providing information to a previous company
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    Default Providing information to a previous company

    Hi All,

    A director of a company that I used to contract for has landed herself in a bit of legal trouble for something she was involved with whilst I was contacting there (not of my doing I hasten to add!)
    They have hired a legal firm to make a representation on the director's behalf who have contacted me requesting information
    This placement ended over a year ago.
    Am I obligated to give any information?

    Any advice much appreciated

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    It depends on what information. Can you be any more specific?

    You need to speak to a solicitor for this not a bunch of contractors. Naff all to do with contracting this really. Most give you a free half hour consultation don't they? Should be long enough to get your answer..

    Or you could try citizens advice.
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    Depends on the information.

    If it's over a regulated issue and you work in a regulated industry - Yes.

    If it is over a regulated issue like health and safety, or involves a member of the public - Yes

    If it's over stuff like sexual harassment, racial abuse or something similar to another worker or employee - No
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