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    These hypothetical questions are difficult to answer properly but does open a can of worms for him.

    There are a number of criteria for determining whether a workplace is temporary or permanent, but in general a workplace will be a permanent workplace if the worker goes to the same workplace:
    •in the course of a period of continuous work which lasts, or is likely to last, for more than 24 months, or
    •for all or almost all of the time for which the worker is likely to hold, or continues to hold, the same employment. This will normally be the case if the worker is employed to work at one place on a fixed term contract
    It's open to interpretation (as argued many times on here) but as soon as the client offers the full time role that the OP is clearly considering then the role is likely to last 24 months + so he has to stop claiming immediately, arguable now. I'm sure some will argue he doesn't know until he accepts it so up to the OP and his attitude to risk but the client offering a role the OP would like to take is pretty clearly 'likely to last'.

    Trying to mix contracting rules with employment isn't helping the situation. IMO you need to negotiate what you want with the employer rather than trying to use temporary location rules etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Old Greg View Post
    If the OP's permanent place of work is home and the OP attends other sites for no more than 40% of the time, why would a BIK arise if the OP's employer refunds mileage, train tickets etc?
    I believe this is how (some of) the large consultancies work, in order that expenses can be paid.

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