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    I am relatively new to contracting and have been constantly trying to read a lot of stuff regarding rules and regulations around it. One of the questions that I am confused about is whether I can claim regular lunch meals at a client site as an expense. I choose to be at the client site but do not intend to be there for 2 years. The confusion arises because it is said that if the workplace is temporary then I am allowed to claim (or at least that is how I understood it). And what is defined as temporary is a place where I have either worked less than 2 years or am expecting to do so.

    Can somebody please clarify, whether I am doing the right thing or not?


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    You can claim any subsistence related to business travel or travel to a temporary workplace (the latter being subject to the 24 month rule). This includes lunch if working away from home but not food you prepare and bring with you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by siphr View Post
    I choose to be at the client site but do not intend to be there for 2 years.
    you don't intend to be there for 2 years, or does your contract end before 2 years is up?
    That's a BIG difference.

    What is the contracted end date?
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