Lycamobile - pay as you go - expensable? Lycamobile - pay as you go - expensable?
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    Default Lycamobile - pay as you go - expensable?

    Is anybody using Lycamobile or Lebara for their company mobile?

    As there is no contract, do you just pay the monthly top-ups/bundles directly from your company's bank account?
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    Who owns the phone? If it’s a company owned phone I think it would be fine.

    The reason you can’t expense a personal contract is due to the pecuniary liability principle (the benefit is YourCo paying for a director’s debts).

    However if there’s no contract and the company is simply paying for credit up front for a device it owns then I don’t see how this could apply as there is no debt or personal obligation. I would pay for it directly using the company card.

    Edit: see Steve Kesby’s post here, which outlines the legislation and subsequent amendments which mean vouchers (topup credits) provided for the provision of a single mobile phone from a business to an employee are not taxable:
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