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    Add an annual reminder to your calendar.

    Which reminds me, I must add an annual reminder to my calendar

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    Another thing which may help FreeAgent users, you can link the tax timeline to your Google/iCal/Outlook calendars. See here.

    Only thing I would warn with the tax timeline generally, is it's just a list of deadlines, not a clickable to do list. This means:
    1) if you/your accountant pay/submit something nice and early, it'll still sit on that timeline until the deadline passes (sometimes causing unnecessary last minute panics).
    2) if you/your accountant forget to do something and the deadline passes, it'll disappear from the timeline despite not being done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kilburnpup View Post

    Just a question about what is good practice for accountants.

    I received an email from my accountants in Oct 2018 around six months prior to the deadline in April 2019.

    I was busy that time and it was from an operative I didn't know so I didn't even notice the email in amongst the many others in my inbox.

    They did not seek to obtain a confirmation that I had received or read their letter.

    They did not send any further correspondence or reminders.

    They have now contacted me saying I owe HMRC the tax plus interest.

    I asked why interest and they said because the payment is late.

    They have full access to my bank transactions but more importantly did not even know if I was aware of what tax I needed to pay at what time.

    When I asked them about this they explained it is the company policy not to obtain confirmation on any correspondence to save time.

    Is this good/best practice for an accountant?

    I am, as most contractors, a one man band and I have made it clear I rely on my accountants to keep me straight with HMRC so I can focus on fee earning and developing/maintaining my freelance work.

    Would be interested to have your views on this..

    Shop around for a new accountant who offers the level of service you want. No point dwelling on what's already happened.
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