travel expenses for international family visitation trips travel expenses for international family visitation trips
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    Default travel expenses for international family visitation trips

    I'm a British national with residency in Colombia. I'm being contracted (via my own new ltd co) to provide services to a uk company. I maintain my own home in Colombia where my wife and children live. I need to be in the UK for some of the project.

    I think I've read that I'm entitled to claim as expenses against tax some of the costs I incur in travel, such as:

    1. Travelling from my home in Colombia to the UK at the start of the project.
    2. Returning at it's end.
    3. Travelling to visit my family (and potentially working from Colombia)
    4. My family travelling to visit me either in the UK or some midway location.

    I'm having trouble find references that exactly match my circumstances though in order to check my accountants are giving me the correct information. Can anyone here point me to them by any chance?


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    It all comes down to whether it's wholly and exclusively for the gig however there are still plenty of grey areas. Some good guides on the web if you want to hunt them out. Two here..

    Contractors' Questions: Can I claim travel expenses from home in France to the UK?

    Foreign Business Travel: Expenses and Allowances Explained | Crunch

    So without getting in to the nitty gritty I'd say.

    1 - Absolutely
    2 - Absolutely
    3 - Absolutely
    4 - Possibly.

    Have a look at page 45 section 7.9 for the bit about family as there are certain conditions. I don't think meeting halfway will be eligible though. That would be classed as a holiday IMO


    Just out of interest, what did your accountant say?
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    If you live in Colombia then you’re unlikely to be UK tax resident and nobody here is going to have a clue about Colombian tax rules.

    How long have you lived there and how long do you spend in the UK each year? Have you checked to see if your UK Ltd company would also become taxable in Colombia?
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