Living in UK, main income (contract) from abroad Living in UK, main income (contract) from abroad
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    Default Living in UK, main income (contract) from abroad

    As an ex Australian PR I'm since a couple of months a resident of the UK, intending to stay for years to come.
    I'm about to sign a contract with a company in Australia through an Australian recruitment agency (using PAYG). This will be my main source of income. I still have an Australian bank account into which the agency can pay me my money (they wont pay in overseas accounts). I can then transfer that money into my UK account. Main worry for me is being taxed twice. From an Australian tax perspective I can be classified as as a non-resident for tax purposed.
    Was wondering if anyone has dealt with similar situations and if it is worthwhile using an umbrella company to stay on top of this or just get a decent accountant.


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    If you're resident in the UK, tax is due on worldwide income. There is a dual taxation agreement between UK and Australia.

    J can't see any purpose served by using an umbrella company. Nor an accountant really - it's just personal tax. Any tax you've paid in Australia will offset your UK tax bill. You'll need to fill in a UK tax return every year.
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