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    Default Denmark Contract

    I've been offered a 4 month contract in Denmark and was wondering if anyone has recently taken up a contract job in Denmark that could provide any guidance.

    I have gone over the other threads and with the high tax, double taxation and it seems like it would be a tough gig :/

    Not sure if much has changed in the past few years but any advice would be great.

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    Have you done any research yet or do you want us to tell you how to do it chapter and verse?

    Any areas you are particularly struggling with so we can actually give you some meaningful help?

    First off have you checked the rate vs expenses of living in Denmark so it's even financially viable regardless of taxes?
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    Default Denmark

    If you are UK based, resident and domiciled then a short one off contract like this should be able to be invoiced via a UK company, without double taxation worries.

    These sorts of issues come into play with long term arrangements when your own and the companies tax status changes

    As others have mentioned it is more a case if the rate is enough to cover your cost which will be very high in Denmark.

    Good luck sounds like a great adventure if nothing else!

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