If your contract requires timesheets but the client can't provide a way to do them? If your contract requires timesheets but the client can't provide a way to do them?
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    Default If your contract requires timesheets but the client can't provide a way to do them?

    My client is having an issue with their timesheet software right now. It's NOT an issue to me at all but it got me curious, if a client requires you to use their timesheet (to record time against different projects or whatever) but it's not possible, can they delay payment or is that their problem not yours?

    It must happen too that sometimes there simply isn't anyone available to sign paper timesheets if your contract works that way - you finish at 6pm on Friday to realise everyone with any authority had the good sense to leave for the pub at 4?!
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    One of my clients had their own timesheet, the agency had another one. I always asked the client to sign the agency one and then email back.

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    Technically YourCo gets paid based on invoice not timsheet. If it's direct it's up to you to sort out with ClientCo proof of delivery and payment.

    If you are through agency, it will be up to them to sort out what is acceptable proof of work for ClientCo to pay them and then agency to pay YourCo.

    If the Agency is relying on the ClientCo timesheet portal and/or there is integration between clientCo and agency systems it's highly unlikely you will get paid until the problem with ClientCo system is resolved. If it's been going for longer than 1-2 weeks I would get at least and e-mail confirmation from the usual timsheet approver as proof for delivery just in case.

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    You print it off, get whoever to sign it and the send to agent. Or send it to whoever signs cc'ing your agent in and get them to reply to all and say approved. Ways around it if it is their system playing up.

    If I don't get my time sheets in by Tuesday my payment is delayed a week. Its in the contract. If its not in in time for whatever reason and it misses the payment run it's my problem as my payment will be late. Doesn't matter who was the reason its late.
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