Personal Pension or SIPP? Personal Pension or SIPP?
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    Default Personal Pension or SIPP?

    Early 30's, got about £800 in a standard life pension that's practically doing nothing at all. Been looking at SIPP's, but I have absolutely no idea who and what to invest in. Wouldn't even know where to begin with anything like that if I'm honest. Not sure if I feel like taking a degree in investments and stock markets either. Seems like I might as well go and play Roulette as far as that's all concerned any how.

    Either way I definately don't want to lose my corporation tax (5k or so) if I can instead put that straight into a pension instead.

    Any advice / suggestions here please?

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    Why not speak to a professional then? Find yourself and IFA and speak to them.

    I've a feeling you might want to speak to your accountant and find out how pensions and your tax works as well.

    Don't forget your warchest though. No good having a tidy pension when you've nothing left to tide you over with the biggest upheaval contracting has ever seen on the horizon.
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