New section of the forums? - Looking for subs... New section of the forums? - Looking for subs...
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    Default New section of the forums? - Looking for subs...

    We are starting to see a noteable trickle of people leaving gigs that are potentially going to be inside or have decided to go perm.

    How about we start a part of the forum where people can post the old role up they are leaving to see if they can sub someone in? It would help people on the bench and also give the outgoing person a silver bullet when leaving their gig so they don't have to worry about retrospective action?

    Could also include people that are going to be deemed inside that travel so the gig wouldn't be financially viable? There must be Manc people working in London and vice versa who would both benefit for a gig swap?

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    This is just the kind of creative thinking we will need to mitigate the risks posed by the rule changes.

    It would be awesome if there was some kind of national database where contractors were able to “advertise” elements of the service their companies were contracted to provide and allow other personal service companies to “tender” applications to provide resource to meet those needs. Any company who gained agreement from end clients to provide their service in this way would have effectively removed the requirement for personal service and made it easy for the end hirer to establish that the engagement is outside the scope of the rules for off payroll workers.

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