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"Dear Mr Client Representative, ...." surely?
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Hee hee. Not often WiB makes a faux paux so very well spotted and corrected.
Ahem. Thanks, NLUK, for the compliment. But, to be clear, this would not be the first, second, or fiftieth time for me, if I had.

But I didn't, not this time. Observe.

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Well, I've been at the current client for a while now and typically WFH one day a week. No set day, decide how i feel at the end of each week and select said day for the following week. How could I now communicate this with the manager to cover my back without looking a complete tool? (trying to bullet proof myself as much as possible!)?
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Dear Mr Manager....
CO did not say the gentleman (or gentlewoman) in question is HIS manager, he said he is THE manager. So, if he's the manager of the client's department to whom CO is providing a service, and is known as the manager, it would be daft to call him 'Client Representative'. You know as well as I do that CO would have been pulled up before I ever saw his comment if he'd said 'my manager', but he didn't. I've had conversations with the 'Operations Manager', the 'Products Manager', and the 'HR Manager' (they were asking permission to poach one of my employees) at one of my clients this week. I'm certainly not going to call them Mr Client Representative.

(how'd I do, do you think I saved this one? )