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    My finanacial services end client is looking at converting me to 'Managed Service' with supplier agency.

    I currently supply my services to supplier agency through a limited company - presumably this means that I would have to operate through the suppliers umbrella?

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    And why do you think that?

    I'd go speak to your agent and get a better grasp on the situation first.

    Barclays had a habit of doing this to try and avoid contractor culls. Attempting to move key people that were considered headcount in to Managed Service.

    That said it was a Tech Mahindra account they moved them to, not an agent, but not impossible for the agent to have created a proper managed service.

    I say 'proper managed service' but I suspect these agency setups are going to be pretty flimsy and could quite easily get pulled apart with a bit of scrutiny. This set up has already been mentioned on here but the devil will be in the details. We'll have to see.

    Anyway, best go speak to the people you are actually contracted to for more information.
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