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    Quote Originally Posted by northernladuk View Post
    I think the phrase you are looking for is

    Only the Little People Pay Taxes - The Atlantic

    You know what I mean, us poor tulips do, not the %11 that control %90 of the world economy.

    Funny enough, I was looking at the US tax code, and the more you earn the less you pay, compared to UK.
    Tax Brackets & Rates for Each Income Level (2019-2020)

    I would love to be on £150k a year salary and pay %24 tax... hell yeah. Actually, you might pay less then %24 due to each bracket, didn't work it out fully but it would be more like %17 tax on £150k.

    Plus everything is so much cheaper, so your buying power is greater, leaving you with a lot more cash in your pocket, better quality of life. And before you mention the NHS, with %17 tax I would happily pay another %10 to have the best healthcare in the world take care of me when I need it. Then again, medicare in the US is cheaper than our NHS contribution on couples and families. Only time it isn't, is if you are single (I think), unemployed or have a low paying job
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