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    Quote Originally Posted by WordIsBond View Post
    Different question. That was whether you could pay the same dividend to two different shareholders with different dates for the dividend. The answer was no.

    OP is asking if he can decide now that he actually paid a dividend a year ago. The answer is no, and if he got caught trying it on he'd be done for tax evasion.

    Can Her Majesty's guests post on CUK? If not, that would be a silver lining to the scenario.
    Well I saw it as related. It's a discussion about the date the payment is made vs when the dividend was declared and whether multiple payments can be made against the same dividend (in this case the distribution is to two separate people but it's the same class of shares being paid out against).

    But if you only read the question and the first couple of responses you wouldn't have seen the more detail and additional references further down.

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    Hee hee. Daft pillock reported my post for referring to him as a tw@t and then circumvented the swear filter a few posts later.

    What a nana.

    Bye bye pscont. You will be missed.
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