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    Default French contractor Hello

    Dear all, hello , i m new in contracting and just started a month ago .6 months contract with possible extension

    -I live in France near Lille , social security over there and health insurance .
    -My roster is 4 on / 4 off therefore i stay at the hotel while on duty , then back to France via Eurostar where my own residence is .
    -At the moment i m paid via an international umbrella company directly on my french account.
    -They don t take taxes as i didn t get a NI number yet ( i have applied for )

    My question is simple, do i have to pay taxes in UK ? or shall i do it in France as i have always done before
    -i ve send a letter to HMR and waiting their reply, in the meantime if someone have answers, that would be helpful

    Many thanks

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    A very warm welcome!

    In general you pay taxes where the work is done.

    Your umbrella company should be sorting out your UK taxes. But be very careful. There are some very dodgy "umbrella" companies out there who are basically crooks.

    Maybe your question would be better in Accounting/Legal section?
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    I'll move it.
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    If you work in the UK but you are resident in France, you will be liable for tax in the UK and you will have to declare it in France. The French tax authorities will take into account tax paid in the UK.
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    You'll have to apply for a visa to ask questions on a UK Forum now I'm afraid.
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