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    Quote Originally Posted by concord View Post
    So she can gift the shares back if she wants to? I did ask the solicitor if this was possible as one off in the future and he said it was. If this is feasible then there is no reason to create an additional share class.

    The example says that "the shares have no rights other than that the employer can award dividends at his discretion." That is a different scenario and all advice and articles clearly state the ordinary shares must have the same rights.
    You've asked a question and seem happy to ignore the sensible answers all of which point to not doing something you seem desperate to do for no sane reason against your accountants advice.

    For that reason I'm out and will place you on ignore.
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    I would be very relaxed about making gifts of shares (or anything else) to a bona fide spouse - no need for dressing it up as a purchase. I'd feel much safer doing that than having multiple share classes. Having said that I'd probably avoid making frequent gifts in opposite directions to continually rebalance shareholdings, just because it looks dodgy, and it's best not to attract attention.

    Incidentally for a typical contractor company fair value is usually deemed to be simply net assets multiplied by shareholding percentage.

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