CJRS Furlough for Ltd Co Directors CJRS Furlough for Ltd Co Directors
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    Default CJRS Furlough for Ltd Co Directors

    Anyone done this yet?

    Reason I ask is because it’s become clear in the last couple of days that Umbrella Companies are nervous about self certifying employees without someone else (Agency or End Client) taking the responsibility for confirming the explicit confirmation that it’s Covid-19 related (which they aren’t doing in most cases).

    So, danger is, Ltd Co directors put in a claim and at some time will find Hector on the doorstep questioning it and then it’s going to be a drains up investigation into every expense claim, company purchase etc etc.

    For the money involved, is it worth that risk?

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    If you have a look in the Coronivirus section of the forum all will be revealed.
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