Closing a Limited Company (Never Traded) Formalities? Closing a Limited Company (Never Traded) Formalities?
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    Default Closing a Limited Company (Never Traded) Formalities?

    So my accountant has gone MIA and I am left to figure this out myself.

    I am closing a Limited Company that never traded. It has one Director (me) and one Secretary (My accountant who has gone MIA)

    I have filed DS01 online with Companies House but I fear that might not be all.

    Do I need to do anything with HMRC and the Company Bank Account?

    Any other formalities?

    I will appreciate links wherever possible so I can login and start formalities.

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    You would need to ensure there are no funds in the company bank account as otherwise once the company is struck off you will lose access to these funds and they would go to the crown.

    If you have set up a PAYE scheme then you would need to close this also and de-register for VAT if a registration was done.

    The final thing from the company side of things is to notify HMRC Corporation Tax in writing that there has been no trade and therefore will be no Corporation Tax returns.

    Then depending on your personal situation if you do not need to file a self-assessment tax return now and you have been sent a notice to complete one, you would just need to call HMRC and let them know of your change in circumstances and they can then update the record from their end.

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