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    Glad you're feeling more comfortable about things. Never be afraid to challenge your accountant if they do something you don't understand.

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    I had a £15 pound expense which for reasons I forget, I paid personally, just before the end of my company year. The expense was properly reported in that year as an expense and a directors loan.

    It was reimbursed to me by the company the following month. When they prepared my accounts for the following year, they treated the 15 quid payment to me as an expense. I told them the accounts needed changed before I could sign it.

    Was chatting with my accountant a couple weeks later and told him he probably thought it was strange to be picky about 15 quid one way or another (over £400K turnover). Said he'd told his colleague about it who said he wished he had clients who were that careful, and that if HMRC ever come calling he should tell them that story and say they are chasing the wrong company.

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    That sounds like the sort of thing I would have done too. It's funny how you feel self-conscious doing the right thing, but I do prefer to go with my instinct. I was at the supermarket the other week and fetched a trolley before going in. I found that whoever had used it before me had left their pound coin and a posh pizza in it (upright against the back of the trolley, so they must have missed it when unloading their shopping). I handed the pizza in when I went inside, then did my shop, unloaded into the car and then went back into the shop with the pound coin and asked them to give it to its rightful owner if they happened to come back for their pizza. The shop assistant looked at me like I was nuts, but put it to one side anyway. I imagine there's a fair chance it ended up in his pocket instead, but I just felt more comfortable doing that than walking off with it!

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