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    Quote Originally Posted by d000hg View Post
    And the exemption makes no restrictions on work use, right - it's just a small perk effectively?
    In our case the 2nd phone would be 100% work so that seems like we're not doing anything we shouldn't.

    The other thing I've seen discussed in the past is who the contract needs to be in the name of - don't know if it's different these days but getting a contract in the company name used to be a faff and I'm sure I've seen threads about difficulties getting a contract in the director's name paid by the company account.

    I did see the newer iPhones support dual-SIM but I don't know if they'd be on dodgy ground there; very strict rules taking pictures of peoples' kids as you'd imagine.
    There aren’t any restrictions on the first phone provided for mixed use.

    If you’re satisfied the second one meets the wholly etc... test then it would be an allowable expense, just make sure you can easily justify it if you had an inspection.

    Any contract should be in the company name. Alternatively if that’s a faff the company can pay for just the handset and the user can pay for a personal SIM but IMO that would weaken the case for the second handset being a business only device. Do it properly and get a business SIM for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eek View Post

    Edit to add - I do love how this forum has 2 completely different sorts of poster - some who will do nothing without checking 15 times and others who do stuff instantly and even when told that it won't work ignore all the advice.
    Exactly. Although the eighth circle of hell is reserved for those posters that understand that daily rate is just a number, and it is how retention is maximised that counts

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