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    Quote Originally Posted by knowsey View Post

    My accountant is limiting his engagement in his role with me, hence my original post. I'm just trying to operate in the most efficient way to extract money from the company legally given the way and potential timings of the company earning money. the accountant is not trying to get more money or extend his scope, I'm the one asking now the best way to get money out via salary, pension, dividends etc.

    That wasn't the point I was making. Anyway, never mind. It seems your accountant doesn't want to take on more work which is odd but I guess not all want to provide a full service. They may be too busy with other clients to take on the work but it's a shame they won't even bill you for a few consultancy hours and then you do the actual doing.

    The lower tax options for withdrawing the funds from your company are pension or dividends. It depends on how soon you need the cash and whether you have sufficient profit after tax to cover dividends. There's loads of discussion on these fora and in the guides mentioned earlier. If you have a specific question rather than a general one it'll be easier for help to be provided.

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    Quote Originally Posted by knowsey View Post
    answers above!
    if he does the company annual filing CT and any VAT for £150 then I'd just pay him extra to do the other bits.
    He's not exactly expensive.

    Although... that's maybe a bit too cheap....
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    And don't forget to claim back your expenses incurred. Things like home office costs, travel to the client, subsistence, etc.

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