Arethey the @#%$ accountants? Arethey the @#%$ accountants?
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    Default Arethey the @#%$ accountants?

    Don't pay over the odds for third rate service. £45 a month all inclusive service.

    Been with them for 6 months, and never had a problem. E-mails answered same day, if not in minutes!!

    They have certainly cleaned up there act!!

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    Darren at 1st Accountancy Serv Ltd


    Default Duh

    Obviously!!! :rolleyes

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    Default Re: Duh

    new to the forum, and i was checking past posts, and couldn't believe some of the comments.

    It was like I was with some different accountants, cos I have had no problems.

    Was with JSA before and they were shoddy, and made you pay extra for duplicates, Tax return and IR35 calculations.

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