IR35 and Chargable Expenses IR35 and Chargable Expenses
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    Default IR35 and Chargable Expenses

    I promise this will be my last question (for today!)

    Just finalising the conditions with my first client. The proposal is basically for 30 days consultancy (with the proposal going down to the level of x days for these activities producing this deliverable). I've defined the contents of the proposal as the client really didn't know what to do next and the engagement is to get hem back on track.

    Within the proposal I have stated the daily rate "plus expenses", not exceeding £y per day. The client has accepted this. Would this "plus expenses" be in my favour if the IR35 police came knocking?

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    Default 30 Days

    croggy - if its for 30 days IR35 isn't an issue - I remember them saying that they ignore contracts less than one month

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    Agree. Have seen that too.

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