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    Has anyone else received a revised contract from their agency opting them out of the 2003 Regs, without you specifically agreeing to opt out or signing an opt out form?

    Also, what legal weight does an unwitting umbrella company countersigning the revised contract on your behalf have?

    What is the legal standing of an agency going this?

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    I have but had to pass it to Brolly as stoopid Agency still think of me as an individual and not part of the brolly. I agreed to the optout and the brolly signed on my behalf but as them. Make sense?

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    Liddle Feesh


    Default Limited Only...

    I thought these regs were for Ltd only contractors, and doesn't apply to brollies...

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    Default Re: Limited Only...

    I opted out (as a Ltd co.) I don't care - there's enough work out there at the moment not to have to go back to the client direct.

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    I've just received the opt-out form from my agency and I'm 1 month into a 6 month contract.

    My contract fails ir35 and up to now they've said they can't change it because of the end client. I found out that most other contractors on my project have IR35 friendly contracts.

    So I'm going to tell them that I'll opt out if they change the contract.

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