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    Quote Originally Posted by Waldorf View Post
    I use Nixon Williams and have no problems, they charge £75+VAT per month.

    I had a flyer from Primus a few months ago, but noticed that they were not qualified accountants, the £60 offer is probably a teaser to build up their business.
    How to check accountancy qualification? Thanks

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    + Nixon Williams, came across well and have had no problems in first 3 months anyway
    - K&B as didn't return my call for new business
    - SJD as they seemed very keen to make it as easy as they could for themselves & fit me into a box, i.e. not very personal

    just my 2 pence. there are loads out there, ring them up, ask the right questions, make your choice. but any of the top 10 are good enough i'm sure.

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    Stilwell Gray, been using them for years.
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