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Can I jump on this thread and ask a few more questions.
I normally only consider work in UK through own limited company.
Agency rang today and has me down for a telephone inerview tomorrow to work in Ireland.

So I have no offer on table and could just turn things down but in case I wanted to go through with this, then what sort of money per day should I be asking to work in Ireland for 6 months.

Second - can I invoice through UK limited company and charge no VAT?
Where do I pay the tax on salary and profit?
If you haven't already read it you probably want to have a look at this article posted on ContractorUK recently.

I'm going through the same thing at the moment so please take independent advice from your accountant or an Irish accountant rather than relying on what I write below. What I have written is based on my investigations/understanding so far.

It appears that:
  • You can invoice through the UK limited company; you should charge no VAT. This is only worthwhile doing for 6 months though.
  • I have been advised that an exemption can be applied for with regards to NICS using a form E101 or A1 from HMRC.
  • For the 183 period you appear to be able to reach an agreement with the Irish Revenue that so long as you are paying TAX/NICS in the UK then you should be exempt from the obligation in Ireland. (*)

* - You will have to fill out forms to accomplish this.

Your question regarding rate really is open ended. It depends on your skill set, location in Ireland, end client sector and so on. However, from my observations with the contract I have been offered it appears that rates are approximately 20-30% lower than London but probably 30-40% higher than the North West.

From what I have been told by the agency I am through in Ireland is that rates for my skill set (C#, SQL, etc) are typically €300 - €400 with roles in the €400-€500 range being the exception.

Also bear in mind that if you are going to be in a location such as Dublin the cost of accommodation is not cheap.

From anecdotal evidence it appears that a lot of people seem to work through their UK Ltd company for 6 months and if they are offered an extension typically change to an umbrella solution.

If you find out any differing/conflicting information from what I've said above about the Tax/NICs then please post a reply.